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Tips for Handling a Difficult Employee

It’s inevitable. You hire someone with a good resume, who aced the interview, who seemingly picked up their training quickly, only to find out they’re a difficult employee. So what do you do when your employee isn’t doing what you asked of them, when they won’t or don’t respond to coaching, or they do things […]

Why A Good Handshake Is Important

In the simplest of terms, a handshake is a way to make a physical and social connection with others. So why is the handshake so important? First Impressions: A handshake sets the tone when meeting someone for the first time. This can be particularly important during a job interview. A firm handshake, along with eye […]

Fay’s Summer Bean Salad

If you’ve been invited to a company picnic, pot-luck, or backyard barbecue this summer, but don’t know what to bring, try whipping up this easy and delicious summer salad from our Receptionist, Fay. It’s easy to make, easy to customize, and keeps well for several days! Ingredients: 1 can each of the following beans, drained […]

Ten Tips for Being More Productive at Work and in Life

We all want to be more productive, right? I don’t know of anyone in the world that actually likes the feeling of being behind, stressed, or even overwhelmed, so I’ve compiled 10 tips for being more productive. Save big projects and tasks for when you have the most energy. I’m not a morning person, so my […]