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Good business etiquette goes a long way in building a good rapport with your clients, co-workers, employees, and other professionals. Keep reading below to discover tips for elevating your business etiquette.

Smile When You Answer the Phone

This is an easy one to do. Smiling when you answer the phone positively changes your tone, therefore you’ll sound welcoming and ready to help the caller.

Be Punctual

There’s an old saying that if you are not five minutes early, then you’re late. Allow yourself time to get settled before beginning work or joining a meeting. You won’t appear or feel rushed and your colleagues will appreciate not having to wait for you.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately helps others to take you seriously as a professional. A good rule of thumb is that your clothes should be clean and neat, free of tags, tears, and stains. Look around your workplace to see what is standard. If you are still unsure, ask HR or another employee.

Introduce Yourself and Others

Take time to introduce yourself with your first and last name. You’ll stand out in a sea of Johns and Marys when you provide your last name. Help out the new hire and introduce him/her to others, filling them in on others’ roles within the organization. When someone is introduced to you, repeat their name, and use it often. Using someone’s name will help you to remember it. Remembering names will help you with your networking.

Speak Kindly

Say “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome”. “Hey”, “yep”, and “no problem” are not appropriate responses. Names and titles are important! Therefore, always use Mr. /Ms. /Dr. when addressing others unless instructed otherwise. Others will find you easy to talk to if you keep conversations noncontroversial by avoiding religion and politics.

Follow Up and Follow Through

Always return calls and emails within 24 business hours. Only make promises that you can keep. If you are unable to keep a promise provide an explanation and a solution. Follow up with people after a problem has been resolved. A follow up insures client satisfaction.

Give Your Undivided Attention

Put your cell phone and other personal belongings away during meetings. During conversation, listen to understand, not to respond. Looking people in the eye and speaking to them lets them know that their time, presence, and thoughts are just as valuable as yours.

Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes

Owning up to your mistakes isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. Acknowledge your mistake, correct the problem, and learn from it.

Proofread and Spellcheck Documents and Correspondence

Use the spellcheck and grammar checks provided by your software or email service. Read, re-read, and read again everything for clarity. Avoid using shorthand, text lingo, or slang. Using the right terminology, grammar, spelling, and punctuation will help you to get your message across clearly.

No Eavesdropping or Gossiping

Avoid eavesdropping by making your presence known when people don’t realize you are in earshot. Don’t repeat personal and sensitive information that is disclosed to you.

By following these simple tips you’ll gain the trust and respect of those around you. People will have faith in your words and deeds.